Why Emotional Eating Happens For Women And How To Stop It 2021

Why Emotional Eating Happens For Women And How To Stop It

Why Emotional Eating Happens For Women And How To Stop It 2021

Why Emotional Eating Happens For Women And How To Stop It : As a woman, you are unfortunately judged on the way you look. This might seem completely unfair, but it is just the way the world seems to work. Standing in line, working behind the counter, or at the gym, most people are going to judge you on the way you look. Given that it can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes just to do your hair, this can be troubling. It’s even more troubling if you struggle with emotional consumption problems.

Unfortunately, this is something a lot of women today deal with. More are even experiencing these issues now thanks to COVID and being locked down. That being said, you don’t have to let a condition like this control your entire life.

What Causes Emotional Eating? Why Emotional Eating Happens For Women And How To Stop It

Most people might think that emotional dining is self-explanatory. While it is pretty easy to understand the condition, there is much more to it than might meet the eye. Stress eating is something that can happen because of financial worries, health concerns, relationship struggles, or anything that upsets you.

While it is an issue that affects both sexes, it seems to be more prevalent in women. And, given that women are unfairly based on their looks, it just makes the situation all that much worse and troubling. When one experiences negative emotions it may lead to a feeling of emptiness.

Something like a black hole that needs to be filled. While there are tons of different ways to fill holes like this, a lot of women these days turn to food and binge eating as one of the first options. Food is believed to feel these voids more effectively than other means because they provide a false sense of fullness or temporary wholeness.

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Understanding Emotional Hunger And True Hunger

Emotional eating is a very serious situation and something that women should take extremely seriously. This is especially true for women that don’t get enough daily exercise or activity, which is about 90 percent of women these days, given the current state of the world. COVID is making it harder and harder to get out and exercise because of closed gyms and social distancing at local parks and tracks. Whatever the situation, the best way to tackle eating issues like these is by understanding the root causes.

As you already know, humans must sustain healthy eating plans in order to maintain normal lives. This is why it is pertinent to be able to distinguish between emotional cues and true hunger cues. You have to understand when you are really hungry and when your emotions might be making you feel like you are hungry. Unfortunately, this is much harder than one might imagine. There are several different ways to distinguish between the two. Physical hunger is something that develops slowly over time and it comes along with the desire to try a variety of food groups.

Emotional hunger is something that comes on quickly and out of the blue. Also, when dealing with emotional hunger issues, you’ll likely only crave specific foods. The worst part is, when you binge on foods, you don’t feel the sensation of fullness. Being able to distinguish between the different cues is just the beginning. If you want to truly learn to tackle eating issues, you’ll want to continue reading the information below.

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Finding Other Ways To Deal – Why Emotional Eating Happens For Women And How To Stop It

As simple as it might sound, the best way to tackle emotional dining is by finding other ways to deal with the stress. Whether it is relationship woes or financial concerns that cause you to stress, you need to learn to deal with them in other ways than eating. Meditation, exercising, or even gaming can be excellent and safe alternatives.

Get That Body Moving – Why Emotional Eating Happens For Women And How To Stop It

Speaking of exercise, just simply getting your body moving might be enough to help you cope with emotional stress. One recent study showed that participants who engaged in eight weeks of yoga not only experienced less stress and emotional problems, but they learned to understand their minds and bodies better.

Take A Break With Meditation

While getting the body moving is an excellent way to combat stress and emotional issues, stopping to take a break and assess things can also be useful. Especially, if you have several different things going on at once. A variety of studies have already diffidently proven that meditation and mindful practices have effectively treated binge and emotional dining as well as other issues.

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Why Emotional Eating Happens For Women And How To Stop It

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Why Emotional Eating Happens For Women And How To Stop It

How do I stop myself from eating when sad? To help stop emotional eating, try these tips:

  1. Keep a food diary. Write down what you eat, how much you eat, when you eat, how you’re feeling when you eat, and how hungry you are. …
  2. Tame your stress. …
  3. Have a hunger reality check. …
  4. Get support. …
  5. Fight boredom. …
  6. Take away temptation. …
  7. Don’t deprive yourself. …
  8. Snack healthy.

Why do I use food as comfort?

Finding comfort in food is common, and it’s part of a practice called emotional eating. People who emotionally eat reach for food several times a week or more to suppress and soothe negative feelings.

In what ways can emotions affect eating?

To summarize, high-arousal, or intense emotions suppress eating, and negative emotions can increase or decrease food intake. Little is known about the effects of positive emotions on eating and about differences between negative emotions such as anger, sadness, and fear in their effects on eating.

Why do I eat when I’m sad?

Yes, people often turn to food when they’re stressed out, lonely, sad, anxious, or bored. But emotional eating can be linked to positive feelings too, like the romance of sharing dessert on Valentine’s Day or the celebration of a holiday feast.

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